Club Policies/FAQ

Bethesda Blues & Jazz kindly requests that, out of respect to the performers and fellow patrons, conversation be kept to an absolute minimum, and voices kept to a whisper, while artists are on stage.

What is Bethesda Blues & Jazz? Where are you located?

Bethesda Blues & Jazz is a supper club that provides excellent food and fabulous live entertainment seven nights a week. We are located in the historic Bethesda Theatre, on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda, MD.

What are the seating arrangements at Bethesda Blues & Jazz?

There are two types of seating in the room: seating in the dining area, and seating in the stadium-style theater seats. Both have a full view of the stage, and the price of admission is (generally) the same for both. There is seating for 300 in the dining area, and seating for 200 in the theater seats. The dining area is adjacent to the stage, and the theater seating is behind the dining area. There is also a 40' bar, but there is no view of the stage from the bar.

How do I buy a ticket?

Tickets are available through the Music Calendar on the left-hand side of our website. Under the name of the artist, click 'Buy Tickets,' and follow the instructions to purchase tickets. The page where you purchase tickets has a picture of the way the room is laid out. The stage is at the bottom of the page. The dining area is represented as a beige rectangle adjacent to the stage. The theater seating is behind the dining area. Click the beige rectangle labeled 'Dining Area' to purchase a dining area seat.

When should I arrive for dinner in the dining area?

Doors are opened for dinner two hours before the posted show time, and you may arrive to dine any time after that. You may order from the menu and begin your meal as soon as you arrive. We do continue to serve during the performance, but please note that early arrivals have a larger selection of seats and have more time to enjoy their meal, allowing them to focus solely on the performance when it begins.

Can I reserve a table?

No. Seating arrangements in the Dining Area are not pre-assigned, and tickets for the dining area are sold as general admission. A ticket for the dining area counts as a reservation for a seat at a table, not as a reservation for an entire table. As a result, if you arrive late your party may not be able to be seated together. In the Dining Area, there are 2-top, 4-top, and 6-top tables available to accommodate parties of various sizes. Arriving early will ensure that you have the greatest number of available seating options, and that you will be seated at a table that fits the size of your party.

How much does it cost to sit in the dining area?

There will be a $10 per person minimum charge for food and drink in the dining area, which is in addition to the price of admission. The $10 per person minimum can be applied to any food or drink on the menu.

What's the deal with theater seating?

Tickets for theater seats are pre-assigned, and are made available only when all the tickets for the dining area are sold out. If you have a ticket for the theater seating and would like to have dinner as well, dinner will be made available at the bar before the show begins. Dining at the bar will end promptly when the show begins. Eating in the theater seating is not permitted, buy you may bring a drink with you.

What's on the menu?

Our menu consists of a blend classic Continental fare. Our offerings range from fresh salads and daily soup specials to entrees including filet mignon, salmon, crab cakes, citrus chicken, and vegetable pasta. The full menu is available here. We do provide a variety of gluten-free offerings, including calamari, salads, many main dishes, and a chocolate torte for dessert. We also have vegetarian offerings, which include salads, bruschetta, and a hearty pasta made with seasonal vegetables.

Are there group rates? Can I make group reservations?

Please call us here at the Club at 240-330-4500 to discuss group rates.

Is the Club wheelchair accessible?

Yes! The theater is fully handicap-accessible, and there is a handicap-accessible bathroom located adjacent to the bar and lounge area.

Is there an age limit?

Everyone over the age of 5 is welcome to every show.

Is there a dress code?

We suggest business casual.

Is there a dance floor?

Yes, there is a 1,380 square foot hardwood dance floor. It is trapezoid-shaped and is sprung with 1/8" cork. The dance floor is cleared of tables only for nights that are specifically labeled 'dance nights,' i.e. 'Latin Dance Night,' or 'Swing Dance Night.'

Is parking available?

There is a 340-car public parking garage right around the corner from us on Chetenham Drive. Parking is $0.80/hr. Please see Location for details.


Photography and audio/video recording are not permitted unless prior, specific approval has been granted by both the artist(s) and the Club.

Whom do I contact about booking acts at the Club?

Please Contact Tom C. for local booking. He can be reached via email at: tom (at)

Whom do I contact about holding a corporate private event at the Club?

Please contact Private Events Coordinator Margaret Gates at